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What’s Important To You?

photo courtesy American Advisors Group via Flickr

photo courtesy American Advisors Group via Flickr

Knowing what’s important seems to be a challenge these days–but it’s no wonder.

Look at the Yahoo home page. The trivial is intermeshed with the critical. Rumors and suppositions are purported as fact. Facts are slim and if they exist at all are disguised as drama.

Compare Yahoo’s home page with BBC’s web page and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Not only is Yahoo’s home page trashy and off putting, but it’s actually a bit dangerous. If I didn’t have to go to Yahoo for mail and Yahoo finance, I’d never darken their door again.

Let’s hope we’re better focused in our own lives.

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Step Eight to Abundance: Avoid the Money Robbers

slot machine

(courtesy Jeff Kubina via Flickr)

In the last blog entry, we talked about free stuff. Today we’re talking about exactly the opposite — expensive stuff or money robbers.

We all have them in our lives and unfortunately, as long as they’re there, abundance will elude us.

What are the money robbers?

Debt is number one. I can’t speak to the idea of a crushing debt problem, personally, because I escaped the debt trap. Timing was one reason. When I was in college, credit cards were not available to kids. Thank goodness for that.

I also grew up with depression-era parents, and although we were poor in material things, my parents did not have a lot of debt.

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Step Seven to Abundance: Do Cheap (and Free) Stuff

In Hollywood, Florida, where I live, there is so much free stuff to do.

(photo credit Ryan Johnson via Flickr)

(photo credit Ryan Johnson via Flickr)

I bet there is where you live, too. The Hollywood city website is a great source of all sorts of free activities in my community as are the local newspapers–the free ones I’m mailed each month. There is so much going on here and so much of it is free or very low cost.

There has to be lots of free things to do around you, too. Hiking, biking, walking, running, swimming in ponds or lakes or local public pools, or bird watching, or playing tennis in public parks, or going to local youth sporting events, or picnicking in the country, or going to free concerts or lectures or plays in the park are all things you can do. I know you can come up with lots of other ideas. Not only are doing many of these things good for your wallet, but they are also good for you physically and mentally and socially.

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Step Five to Abundance: Make BIG Changes!

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(credit: Daniel Hall via Flickr)

Today is the day to confront a list of BIG changes you might make in your life to create the abundance you want.

We’ve already looked at the “things” we want to determine whether we can afford them or not. We’ve examined where we spend our money and determined where we could spend less and save more.


These included some major items like housing costs, car costs, and alterations in the way we live.

BUT, before any of these changes can effectively be put into place we need to look at the way we think about money and about abundance and maybe make some BIG changes in the way we think.

Let’s look at some questions we can ask ourselves to determine what’s important to us — and how a change in mindset can lead to abundance.

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Step Four to Abundance: Make Saving Fun

(credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr)

(credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr)

Take another five or ten dollars out of your wallet and add it to the money already in your safe place.

Where are you going to get this money? I’ve got a few ideas for you.

One of the most important things you can do on the road to abundance is learn to make saving fun. Make it a game–maybe the most important game you can play if you want to live an abundance life.

Here are a few thoughts on places—some of them fun to implement and all of them a potentially rewarding endeavor—where you can get that five or ten dollars to sock away:

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