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Today is a New Investing Day

Ballooning at sunrise

(credit: John A. Ryan via Flickr)

Each day is a new day and the beginning of the rest of our lives. Lots of new and wonderful opportunities lie ahead for us. Exploring the possibilities is exciting.

This is true of our investing life. Each day is also a new day and lots of opportunities abound in this world, too.

But there are also risks.

And while I look forward to this new day, I can easily be plagued by the mistakes I made yesterday.

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What’s Your Investing Type… Are You a Chicken or a Pig?

ham and eggs

(credit: Jonathan Lin via Flickr)

Remember the fable about a ham and eggs breakfast?

In this tale about commitment, the chicken produces the eggs for the meal, a relatively easy task that she can repeat over and over, while the pig is required to sacrifice his life to provide the ham. I’d say that the chicken is somewhat invested in the venture while the pig is totally invested.

There are chickens and pigs investors, too.

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How I Use Yahoo Finance to Track Stocks

Yahoo Finance Page

Finance.Yahoo.Com offers news and stock tools, plus personal portfolios

Besides Scottrade, which has excellent research tools including tutorials on investing, the place I go to most often to get information about stocks is Yahoo finance

To be honest, I liked the site much more before they junked it up with so many inane advertisements — why Ellen Degeneres has been crying on the main yahoo finance page for months perplexes me — but I’m sure someone has a good reason for paying lots of money to do just that.

Regardless, even sifting through the junk, there is a fountain of information available on Yahoo Finance. Remember, though, that any information can make its way onto Yahoo — and since they promote drama and sensationalism over confidence and reason — proceed with caution.

Their numbers are good though —  most of the time  — and their stock quotes are real-time. That’s what I like the most. … Read More

An Investing Mantra: ‘This Too Shall Pass’

(credit: David Amsler via Flickr)

(credit: David Amsler via Flickr)

My Mother used to comfort me when I was a small child when I was sad, by telling me that “this too will pass” knowing that the importance of the event that made me sad would diminish over time.

Eckert Tolle also discusses this idea when teaching us how to live in the moment in The Power of Now.

But I believe that the concept also has relevance to investing.

For example, markets never stay in bull or bear modes forever. Wherever we are at any one point time will pass, not always quickly, but eventually market conditions will change. The same is true of “hot markets” or “hot stocks” or “hot commodities.” Just because they are going up today does not mean that they won’t go down tomorrow. What goes up does go down.

But the opposite can be true — not always, but often enough. The stock that goes down can also go back up.

What does this have to do with our investments?
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How To Invest, Part 7: Defining Bull and Bear

(credit: OTA Photos via Flickr)

(credit: OTA Photos via Flickr)

In a recent blog entry I discussed the importance of researching a stock before you buy it. Today I talk about researching the market before you enter it so that you can better define its personality — and yours.

Please note that I’m not suggesting that one market — “bear” or “bull” — is better than another or that we should enter a market at any particular time. Popular notion states that any time is the right time to invest in the stock market.

It’s just that which stocks we buy or how we buy those stocks might change depending on the kind of market it is at any one time.

I’m suggesting that whenever you decide to begin investing in the stock market, you should find out what kind of market it currently is, where it is in that market cycle, and what we can expect from it in the future.

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