About Liz


Liz Morningstar Stauffer’s improbable journey–from a divorced mother of two young sons at the age of 34 to a millionaire some 15 years later–has inspired her to create the blog “The Improbable Millionaire,” offering tips, advice, stories and support for people on a similar journey–even if they don’t know it yet!

Liz earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a master’s degree in political science from Webster University in Missouri.

After her stint as a stay-at-home mom for some nine years, she spent the next 20-or-so years in the corporate world writing all sorts of things–from political encyclopedias and travel articles, to marketing literature and software manuals for computer companies.

When she had the opportunity to take an early retirement from a south Florida software company, Liz jumped at the chance to indulge her two loves, travel and writing, and in some cases, to combine the two. Although Liz has written five novels since retiring, Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club–a cozy mystery set in western Maryland–is the first to be published.

How I Listed and Sold My House Without an Agent is her first eBook.

Liz is currently working on another Thursday Morning Breakfast Club mystery and is planning a grand epic that features Maryland’s Pen Mar Park and Resort of yesteryear.

When not traveling, she lives with her two dogs, Mattie and Jake, in Hollywood, Florida.

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