Step Five to a Better Job: Networking

5730027163_d758a5f7c8_zIf you’ve been reading the latest series of blog entries, you know that you’ve come a long way to getting the perfect job that will lead you to abundance. You’ve identified companies you want to work for and you know everything there is to know about those companies. You’ve identified jobs we’re interested in within those companies and you know what skills are required to do them. You’ve developed and perfected a self-marketing tool—either a resume, a LinkedIn profile, a YouTube channel, or whatever represents you best—and you are ready to distribute it. You’ve prioritized the jobs you’re interested in and have identified skills we may need to hone or improve once we get the job.

Today you’re going to start reaching out to a network of former colleagues and friends to help you to find the job we want.

Hopefully, you’ve been networking all along, but if you haven’t it’s not too late to start. My network has always been small, but it’s still powerful. I was fortunate to have some brilliant mentors in my career who were there for me during each new step of my path to abundance. Most of them were people who I worked with or for. Some were people who worked for me. What’s even more interesting is that many of my mentors were woman who had forged amazing careers that helped them gain abundance. This process works and all things are possible if we’re willing to work for them.

If you haven’t already identified your network, do so immediately. Focus on people who have the job you want or work at the company you want to work for. I’ve found that people are amazingly supportive and do want to help, so be comfortable reaching out. Your turn will come to be there for someone else. That’s the magic and joy of networking and of this entire process.

So what do you say to people you are reaching out to? The truth, of course. Tell them you are looking for a job that you can be really passionate about. Describe the job and let them know which companies you’ve selected to focus your search. Ask for suggestions, recommendations, and help. I almost guarantee that you’ll be overwhelmed with new leads and ideas that will guide you to that perfect new job. Go for it!

Phone calls and emails work fine, although you may want to set up face-to-face meetings with a few special people. Networking can and should be fun. Approach it with joy and peace and it will lead you to abundance.

Once you’ve reached out to those people who are working where you want to work or are in jobs you want to have, write down what is going to happen next. If someone promised an introduction, or a reference, or an idea, be sure to follow up and, of course, be sure to thank them. Once you’ve reached out to someone, it’s a good idea to keep them involved in the rest of the process. It’s nice to have cheerleaders all around us and that’s what our network provides.

Again, in networking, like everything else we do, we are just using skills we will be using in any job that brings us abundance. So stay highly focused and mindful, grateful and professional in this step and your perfect new job is just around the corner.

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