Step Four to a Better Job: List All The Opportunities

12439343164_52b250e154_zToday you are going to list every potential job opportunity you have discovered during your research. No matter how impossible the job may seem to you right now, if it sounds at all like something you might want to do, you should write it down.

This may sound crazy to you, but at the end of this task you should have no fewer than ten opportunities identified—and I hope you’ll discover upwards of 50 opportunities. If you’ve discovered more than 50 potential job opportunities that might work for you, you’re thinking outside the box, and are well on your way to that great new job that will lead you to abundance!

If the number of jobs I’ve asked you to list sounds impossible to you, you might need to go back to Step Three and do some more brainstorming. This time make certain that you’re not limiting yourself in any way but rather expanding what you can do to what you might be able to do if you only knew how!

Here’s a truth: Every job I ever applied for and got was way more than I knew how to do when I applied for it. But I didn’t care when I was looking for a new opportunity that I didn’t have experience doing some of the things that might be required of me in the new job—or at least I didn’t care until I actually got the job.

It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to do the work when it was time for me to actually do it. I knew if I needed to learn something, I would learn it. The more times this happened to me, the more I knew it was true. A job teaches us so much, including how to do it. We don’t have to know everything we will need to know later to pursue a new job. We only need to know that we are capable, that we are motivated, and that we will do what it takes to be great at what we do. When we realize this, the job we want will be ours.

OK, so make your list of opportunities and make it as long as you can.

Next rank the opportunities using a ranking system that works for you. You can choose the job you want the most as your number one choice, or the job that pays the most, or the job that offers you the most potential. It’s your choice—just rank the list and when you get the list sorted, revisit it to make certain the opportunities are in the order you want them to be.

Before we go any further, you’ll need to get the tools you’ll need to get a new job in—a resume or a LinkedIn profile or whatever is appropriate to your work. (You’re on your own in this area since these tools have changed so much since I last looked for my perfect job that I cannot recommend what’s best for you.) If you don’t know then research until you do know.

I can recommend that whatever tool you create to offer yourself to a potential employer, it has to be excellent, masterfully creative, and designed to represent you perfectly. After all this is the first task of any new job, that is, creating the tool that will get you the job. This tool represents the type of work you will do for a new employer—make certain it represents you at your best.

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Todd Stauffer (Liz's son) is a technology writer, newspaper publisher and small business advocate. He lives in Jackson, Miss., where he's the co-founder and president of Jackson Free Press, Inc., a media company.

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