Want Abundance? Choose ‘Fun’ Consciously

(courtesy Luke Jones via Flickr)

(courtesy Luke Jones via Flickr)

I have a friend who whenever he talks to me asks me what I have planned to do for fun. He’s a party person — loves getting together with friends, lots of drinking and laughing, that sort of thing. He’s out most weekends with his gang of friends. He’s what we might call a “fun” person.

And that’s fine for him, but it’s just not the way I have fun.

Fun is a subjective term —  it is so personalized that it’s difficult to describe. We each know what it is when we’re in the midst of it. Fun should be a part of lives. That said, like all things, we should be wary of too much fun. Our fun should help us get to the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Do the things we do for fun bring us joy and peace and abundance?

Not to take the fun out of fun, but fun needs to be planned and balanced and have a return on investment the same as any other activity in our life. Fun should be productive, and when we pursue it, we should have a goal for our fun. That goal can be relaxation, socialization, fitness, education, whatever, but like everything we do to add joy and abundance in our lives, fun needs to be done consciously.

Only if we have a goal for our fun, can be know for sure if our fun is adding or detracting from the joy and abundance in our lives.

Fun needs to be balanced, too, although everything we do has the potential to be fun. I love to cook. It creative and relaxing for me and it brings me great pleasure. I actually like to chop tomatoes and onions and peppers and potatoes and celery. I love the feel of raw food and mixing colors and flavors that blend into a delicious dish. It’s just fun for me. Cooking raw foods rather than processed foods is healthy and more budget friendly, too. So my fun adds to my joy and abundance in life.

I also love going out to dinner with friends. I love the conversation and the comradeship and the joy of sharing. But this activity can be expensive so I have to budget how much I spend on dining out. That doesn’t mean I don’t do it. It means I do it consciously.

But I can have even more fun combining the two activities. I’ll cook for my friends at home. While entertaining has to be done within budget, too, there are lots of ways of sharing costs. If you’re on a tight budget, have everyone bring a dish or their own drinks and then we can add their own treats to the mix. The music, conversation, and companionship are all free and can be lots of fun.

So what’s the point?

Fun can be fun and it is an essential part of who we are. But, like everything else in our lives, fun has to be done consciously, and it has to be balanced. Only when fun brings us joy and abundance, is it really fun.

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